Launched in 2021, Farman Delivery Services is a leading company based out of UAE which offers delivery-related solutions to businesses. The company has established its ground in providing the best logistics services to its users.
Over these years, Farman Delivery Services has built an expansive fleet of bike riders that move products in a hyper-local region as well as intracity deliveries via a good transportation network.
We are providing logistics services to businesses ranging from online grocers, restaurants, offline and online retail commerce – in other words – for any industry that seeks to deliver a product repeatedly.
Today, we can very proudly say that we are providing 200+ riders to our clients.
As a company, we do everything, from understanding our client’s transportation needs to finding a logistics service solution to fulfill their requirements.
Our company is committed to providing a wide range of logistics solutions to solve all the problems related to logistics for our clients.

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